Mini ALL4 Racing

Mini ALL4 Racing - Car journals
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Mini ALL4 Racing are the winner of the Dakar Rally 2014. A Mini ALL4 Racing driven by Joan “Nani” Roma, has won the car category in the 2014 Dakar Rally.

Mini ALL4 Racing - Car journals

The inspiration for this Super-Mini was the Mini Cooper Countryman with a drastic update in order to be competitive for the Dakar Rally. Only a small number of parts came from the production model and most of the construction was handmade in France and Germany. The final assembly of Mini ALL4 Racing is done in X-Raid GmbH shop near Frankfurt.

Mini ALL4 Racing - Car journals

The Mini ALL4 Racing was born in 2011 as the joint project of the MINI Design Team and Magna Steyr, in close collaboration with the X-raid. The frame and body were designed by Heggemann Autosport GmbH, while the engine is the same as the BMW X3 CC.

The Mini ALL4 Racing is built in accordance with the technical regulations of the FIA. It belongs to the “Group T1”, which includes the so-called “off-road modified” vehicles, bearing no correlation with mass production models. Since the Group T1 is divided in 4 additional classes, Mini ALL4 belongs to “Class T1.2” – the prototypes of the off-road all-wheel drive cars powered by diesel engines.

Mini ALL4 Racing - Car journals

Heggemann Autosport GmbH manufactured a tubular steel frame on which the carbon fiber body was mounted. The body outlines the exterior lines of Mini Countryman but slightly bigger. Body panels are divided and easily removable allowing easy access to mechanical components underneath.

Mini ALL4 Racing - Car journals

The two seat cabin is air-conditioned and the rear compartment holds a fuel tank of 385 liters, 3 spare wheels and equipment for repairs.

The Dakar Rally challenges both machine and drivers. For this task, Mini ALL4 Racing was equipped with a 320 HP diesel engine, water cooled brakes, power steering, three lockable differentials, All-wheel drive and 6-speed sequential gearbox.

Mini ALL4 Racing - Car journals

Under the hood there is a 3.0 liter 6-cylinder turbo diesel BMW engine, derived from racing models designed by BMW Motoren GmbH. The engine has two turbochargers generating 320 horsepower at 3250 rpm. The oil and water radiators are placed on the front axle, while the turbo inter-cooler system is positioned behind the cockpit.

Mini ALL4 Racing - Car journals

The price for this model is about one million Euros or $1.15 million.


TwinPower turbo inter-cooled DOHC 24-valve 2993 cc diesel 6 cylinder
Direct fuel injection
Aluminum block and head
Power: 320 hp @ 3250 rpm
Torque: 800 Nm / 2100 rpm
6-speed sequential manual transmission


Acceleration 0 to 60 mph – 5.5 sec
Top speed: 135 mph / 217 kmh


Length 4333 mm
Width 1998 mm
Height 1966 mm
Wheel base 2900 mm
Track width 1736 mm
Weight (empty) 1900 kg
Fuel capacity 385 l
Tyres Michelin 245/80R 16

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