Montecarlo Automobile Rascasse Supercar

Montecarlo Automobile Rascasse - Car Journals
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Montecarlo Automobile (MCA) is a car manufacturer of race and street legal cars. The company was founded in 1983 in Monaco, by Fulvio Maria Ballabio who was an Italian race car driver that competed in Formula Two and Formula 3000.

Montecarlo Automobile Rascasse - Car Journals
Montecarlo Automobile Rascasse at Belgrade Car Show 2014

Since its beginning, Montecarlo Automobile was manufacturing carbon fiber cars. The first street legal GT car in the world was produced by Montecarlo Automobile and called “Centenaire”. It was powered by a Lamborghini engine. The spider street legal car was named “Beau Rivage”.

Montecarlo Automobile Rascasse - Car Journals
Rascasse front

Since then, Montecarlo Automobile manufactures 6-10 handmade cars per year. The newest models are Monte Carlo Rascasse, and a Monte Carlo ALA 50.

Model Rascasse is named after the Monaco GP circuit’s famous corner and consists of a chassis made of carbon fiber. Monte Carlo Rascasse 2014 is power by a V12 5998cc mid-mounted engine with 550 hp. The engine was originally engineered by BMW for its1998 Rolls-Royce Silver Graps. Maximum speed is 310 km/h.

Montecarlo Automobile Rascasse - Car Journals
Rascasse rear

The interior is a combination of white leather and wood that provides a similar feel to that of a luxury yacht, (osecaj kao da ste na nekoj jahti) which is appropriate for Monaco where multi-million yachts are not in short supply. The roof can be removed to enhance the driving experience.

Montecarlo Automobile Rascasse - Car Journals

MCA will limit the new Rascasse to only 15 units with prices ranging from 300.000 to 500.000 Euros.

  • Engine V12 RR-BMW-MCE
  • Fuel Bioethanol or LPG saturated with hydrogen
  • Volume 5.998 CC
  • Engine power 550 hp
  • Maximum speed 310 km/h

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